Saturday, November 2, 2013

unapologetic bigot.

there is a lot of space between us now, and i hope you are well enough to understand what this means. lately, you've been neglecting your natural duties, you've failed to follow a schedule --ones you've created, and eye am tired. simple 170hr schedules set you in a "mood" and i know how hard it is for you to remain, but if you continue to stray i will not look for you. you hate to get lost in it, but inorder to get to point bee you have to try your best to do what you set out. you are not one of those, who have no idea how to do it, the steps and processes come naturally for you --its the fire inside. implementing these steps, and successfully executing whatever is set out THIS takes patience and absolutely no distractions. eye do not understand why you do not realize, how easily you fail at focusing! no, please do not take what the psychiatrist said as gold, and do not wear it around your neck. we will not make this your handicap, this disability you have been presented with will neither ruin nor take any control over your progress. you see, we do not have crutches here. only gifts, which aid you to excel. our entire generation appears to have this ability, and while some lose control and fail to remember, by getting lost; others master it, they revel in it and soon thrive. just saying, not to stop while getting enough sleep would be an overstatement. eye wish you knew.

Friday, August 9, 2013

don't pull me down on me

carbon in my steps, you remind me there's no sense of love in society. i've released you, to find the higher me. this is sort of a love story, however I've combined animal minds the Centaur here resides.

--end fragment here-- 

and honestly he bores me, so eye feed him fear. what the fuck is an age of the Aquarius? is this not a new year... i have the top one thousand cures, harvest them from my rear and besides, no one quite knew what to make of the moon's tears haahaaa i tried apologizing with much antipathy at my core. i'm soo hiiiigh, gots no sense of time anymore. living for your tomorrows, therefore nothing left to say. not for what our yesterdays have already taken away. sleep and be at peace just know that eye am here to stay, whether the dawns approaching people still looking the wrong way.
turn the lights on. 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

baby try and hide the history..

...but they know who we are.

keep letting them fuck around-- pushing delete.

if you don’t behave like them they call you crazy

and if you don’t slave for them they call you lazy

well I say ...

Sunday, December 16, 2012

cocoa sins on brown skin

it's fun. she did it for the thrill before cream trails down her thighs, opened eyes leaving everyone blind. full of grace you sit in my stonehenged shrine, with my Others who share your mind. windows painted, locked and absolutely no doors your only mirror is how you move, instructing me to get on all fours.  kissing your face. bebe, i want alone time not in there with them. get the fuck out of my shrine/just like black gums and white teeth i am reminded to see. rhinestones blind and delude this catastrophe we're inclined to call me. signals from my body sickens society then i often confuse the terms for reaching a higher me. even when i begin searching for happy the translation is swallowed up in confusion, trying my hardest not to lose you..fuck, i am stranded inside an illusion. 


Monday, December 10, 2012

dispatches from the bed

Atrue light is the epitome of my dreams. bebe you can read what i write but things are not always what they seem. you fell in love with some idea of me. eye stood before you lucidly my ideas so sublime, with you denim pulling my jean. standing here now watching the clock my love is a crime, pants falling off the seams. many ideas to combine?? or are they just dreams? lost in translation this deceit comes out as an amalgamation just the former me making life harder to breathe, and honesty. forcing you is synonymous to burning trees, deluding ourselves and leaving me never able to enter release. i'm a sorry fuck. you know, everyday is like i'm here to appease?

although, you found me trembling wet pussy tease and scoping with argonite eyes. made you believe i am not from your dreams a part of me cries. but i loved you first and a million others died. granted it took me long to find you without the lies, no tainted waters filled with toxins MAKING OUR BRAINS ACTIVE blah blah blaaahh your you is supremely attractive. breaking down the hurdles is the most tragic with this weight of tons of men that's stored at it. attic. safe. in the corner office space, locked in cabinets of your mind. i don't know why. however, i would keep my distance she keeps making me cry. pulling either arm is the lost and weak, ending this lonely lovers charm last we speak..  eye and eye will destroy babylon, please excuse me.
feels like you'll be here all the way to Z.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

gambling man

and already she knows me better than you. but we're fire and dance around these circles we create without a fucking clue. doing whatever the fuck it is you want to do, like a man thinking through his women then out the window he flew. what do you feel like today? a lazy weekend and no one willing to play but i often complain and you're a dry cascade with uterus walls that scream about shit MAKING ME FEEL SMALL. then it seems, as the fire grows wilder, that you are always lurking my mind up in your dreams. manly shit, you've got the mean reds and hunger pains, giving you ample room to bask in it.... shake your ass to it... run some cash for it.... putting people last then it's out the door as she yells for more, calling you back because you play true. brown petite and loyal. 
how we got so spoiled? 
then tossed in the trash with all the Other royals. that shit is soon dumped because even i don't want that old thing.  that shit is thrown in a box marked "THINGS EYE SING..." really SANG but I'm lethargic and my mind is drained. eyyyeee.... love you like my hair that's coiled. brown petite and loyal.
how we got so spoiled?

Friday, May 11, 2012

cigarettes replace a meal.

and it's all summed up with a ki$$.
one last moment of bliss, but the silence is
deafening my ears mistook them for drums.
i'll keep it at a distance here it comes.

or maybe as you look the other way i'll devise
a plan that makes you stay. i know places we can go--
we'll have the most fun and everyone will know. come
 unfold as i assist with your soul... tell you if
you're living or just holding on so no need for
alarm. this is my lonely lovers charm.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

bass drum

giving up, and letting the time go. i love her, however he said it so please surrender your lovely words. speech trapped in your mind and acting out the verbs. they told me love has potential to be a noun and a verb... granted, they did eat a lb. of shrooms, and wasn't sure if anyone heard.


words have been easily twisted, i love her again wishing telepathy still existed. giving you pieces of me through ink and technology have me going ballistic. i hope you find that letter i left in your old house. sitting here without a spouse, living in doubt with secrets about broken hearts and poisoned darts i used from a distance on my fellah. and i couldn't help acting as your rain and umbrella. beating hearts bright as candela, it feels so good next to silent cries. i dream of times when you were mine...tonight.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

hair so defiant

she's got bigger tofu to fry, with no one but herself in mind. selfless? no, she is a different kind. in due time her phone stops ringing, so while alone it's okay to start singing. a voice so sublime. gravity is love, while mediocrity sits above and bubbles in her bowels then she is devoid of ...time. you've got a minute to climb. but stop pulling down on her! she's shuffling, and eye'm honestly trying to concur. my back aches GET THE FUCK OFF. eye know you're soft, and *cough*cough* BITCH YOU LOST. we've been at this point far too long. just let out the exhaust, and change the fucking song. you don't belong; this occurred to you first then me. nubians hair defies gravity.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

esolc os

This is not for the weak heart. Shits happening because we have been apart. It is about time we grow and let our minds reap what we've known but misplaced. We're such a disgrace, the way we fell from grace, and back again. I commend you, we are lovers then friends. Crystal gems, eye still love you, since it all depends. Indeed, we had a rocky climax but that all ends.